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How to Make Money


Welcome to the Catalogue of Free Gift Cards


WARNING     Free Gift Cards are NOT  Free… But You can make Money from them

Here Is How

First,  Select the card You want to test.

Next, You have to check out the cards program.

Most cards have so sort conditions before You get a card.
Typically, it is 2 silver, 2 gold, 2 platinum

0r more offers You have to buy.

So now first start with the most expensive offer.
This usually tell you if you can make any money on a card.

Start adding up the offers they require.

I try to pick to offer I would like to have first.

WARNING…. Trial offer watch for the fact you have to tell
You do not want to receive this product every Month.
Movie offers.. do you have to pay shipping and handling on Each movie.
Shipping and Handling… find out how much it is … is it for all Pieces
or is each piece shipped separately….
So you have 2 silver offers at $ 12 each= $24
2 gold offers at $19 each= $38
2 platinum at $50 each= $100
That is $162
Before S/H which could be $100
Yes they charge a lot for S/H

Now is the Free Gift Card for more than $262….
If it for $250 You would lose $12
But if it for$ 500 You would make $238

Make Sure You figure it out… and get  

All the facts

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